If you are here, you must have no idea what escape rooms and Claustrophobia are in reality

We are a bit jealous — you have an exciting captivating journey ahead of you

What are escape rooms in real life?

What are escape rooms in real life?Imagine you are playing a video game, where you are required to find a way out of a room in 60 minutes while only using the things that you can find in the room, combining them, and solving mysteries. However, it happens to you for real, right here, right now. If you don’t manage within one hour, the door will open anyway, but you will not feel what it’s like to win. The escape room is designed for two, three, or four players.
Houdini's Academy

What are the Claustrophobia escape rooms?

These are not only nice-looking thoroughly designed rooms with puzzles and mysteries. These are full immersion beautiful complete stories, where every mystery and every assignment is logically embedded into the storyline. Even if you have already been to escape rooms and they all have turned out to be lame, don’t jump to any conclusions just yet, maybe they were all nice concepts poorly implemented.
Baker street, 221 B

Coming soon

Coming soon
A Mexican Robbery

We are doing the unthinkable here

In Claustrophobia, you will live a variety of stories that you never thought could exist, over and over again. You want to pilot a spacecraft, enter someone’s mind, successfully complete a prison break, or pay a visit to Baba Yaga’s hut on chicken legs? Or walk around a haunted castle, escape from a maniac’s hideout, or get hold of secrets of witches and sorceress? All our escape rooms are unique, and all are thoroughly developed by a passionate team of creative and slightly mad people for you to have an unforgettable emotional and exciting experience.
A chance at redemption
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