The first thing that you need to understand is that a escape room wiht actors is not a escape room as we know it — there will be neither puzzles or mysteries

You will immerse in the environment of a performance and experience extraordinary life situations

What is escape room with live actors

Imagine that you star in a psychological thriller, breathtaking blockbuster, or an epic adventure story. Do you have this image in mind? We can give you a chance to have this experience in real life. Every escape room with actors is a journey into an alternative reality populated with live creatures and characters. Remember, wherever you find yourselves, the outcomes of your journey will only depend on you.

For beginners

Human conscience comprises higher mental functions — perception, thinking, will, memory, and imagination. We will impact them all for you to plunge into an alternative reality. The unbelievable events happening to you in the locations will be perceived by your conscience as the objective reality, with only one exception — there will be nothing (well, almost nothing) threatening your physical health.
Divergent. Stage: Filtering

How can you become part of a escape room with actors?

It’s easier than you think. You will not have to pass sophisticated medical and psychological tests — there is no need for them in a escape room with actors. Just choose the best time, book a session on the website, and wait for the moment when the door to another reality opens for you
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