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Escape room with actors: new facets of intellectual games

In your understanding, a escape room is a dimly lit room with a slew of useless objects, intricate devices, and incomprehensible mechanisms? It is time to take a look at the entertainment that we all love so much from a totally different perspective — visit performance escape rooms in Moscow.

Claustrophobia offers riveting games, adventures, detective escape rooms , and horrors that are fundamentally different from standard escape rooms.

Escape room with actors — what makes them different?

People normally have the idea that games give you an adrenaline rush, heat your imagination, and curdle your blood. But how can this be achieved if the group of adventurers is surrounded only by speechless pieces of furniture and sophisticated gadgets? The answer is simple: visit the best performance escape rooms in Moscow, which have one distinct feature — real actors are involved. They can be good or evil, they can help a team or distract it.

Such escape rooms are the most realistic ones, they are original, and boast totally unexpected twists. Relying exclusively on your intellect is not enough, because anything can happen at any moment.

When choosing one of our escape rooms , you should get familiar with the

  • theme: science fiction, horror, crime, adventures;
  • testimonials — read the opinions of those who visited the room before you, and share your own impressions as you complete new escape rooms.

Our game offers a unique possibility to plunge into a new reality, test your nerves, courage, and ability to deal with stress. You won’t have to use your fantasy or try to augment the story, circumstances, or setting on your own — our actors will definitely evoke a storm of emotions.

You will be frightfully entertained, awfully interested, and genuinely scared, however big and bold you team.

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