Фотография квеста «Descent»

Descent ru

Attention! The previous name of the quest is Inferno Rebirth. Make sure you have not visited it before.

Этот квест в данный момент недоступен


the level of fear
Age limitations: 14+
escape room with actors

You will pass between the gloomy walls of trees into the depths of the forest — there you will see her. Long abandoned gatehouse. I remember that even in our children’s hikes we were attracted by these empty huts with unlocked doors. A step inside — and it’s as if you are moving in time, passing through yourself a piece of the life of the former owner. But this time everything went wrong as we expected…

Having stumbled upon a rickety house in the forest, my friends and I were already looking forward to another excursion into the past. A suitable place to consider old things, and at the same time stay for the night. But what happened next forever left an imprint of horror. A descent was hiding behind a deaf door… a descent to hell!

What awaits you: < li>Atmospheric 3-level location with unexpected transitions between rooms;< / li> < li>Fully interactive story and a special children's version of the quest;< / li> < li>Clean and safe location for a comfortable game.< / li>

Categories: Action Fantasy For a Large Party Minimal Complexity Scary With actors

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Tkatskaya street, 5, bldg.7
Paid parking

Entrance to the right of SEMENOV entertainment center


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