Фотография квеста «Red Dwarves' Dungeon»
Amusement park for kids

Red Dwarves' Dungeon ru

очень простой
Age limitations: 8+ years old with adults, 13 to 16 without them
We received a call for help from the King of Red Dwarfs. Evil has lodged itself in the tunnels of the underground city! All dwarfs have disappeared somewhere and the King is about to be captured by demons. A front-rank Star Fleet squad in full combat attire is setting out to help. Grab you blasters and get ready to fight against demons, gargoyles and other monsters. Only a close-knit team can overcome all obstacles, clear the underground city of enemies and free the King of Dwarfs.


Escape room Features

  • If the team is more than 15 minutes late for the escape room, the game will be canceled and no refund will be given.



  • Don't have an adult player on the team? Our employee will pass the escape room together with the children  and make sure everything is in order. The service is available to all teams with players under the aged 5 of 13. Escort cost — 2500₽ per session. Just add the service in the booking form.

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Aviapark, Hodynskiy boulevard, 4
Paid parking mall

Metro station CSKA, Aviapark, 4th floor, Purple zone


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