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Mysteries of the Middle Ages ru

Attention! This game was previously operated under a different brand. Please make sure you have not completed it before.

Age limitations: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
Escape rooms without actors
Legends breed mysteries and mysteries breed legends... You kindred was cursed ages ago. The family castle has been empty for as long as a century and only phantoms toss around restlessly between its cold walls. Darkness and horror make your heart freeze, but you must... no! You are absolutely bound to break the spell and release the anguished spirit of your ancestors. Secrete cellars of an ancient castle, a torture chamber engraining prisoners’ terror, a tyrant’s throne room and a devil’s altar — they all await you! Hurry up! Pull yourself together, harness your willpower and make it through, solve all the puzzles and unveil the mysteries that these walls keep. Your life and your kindred’s future are at stake!

No adult player on the team? Contact the location before booking to use the services of an escort! Our employee will pass the quest with the children and make sure that everything is in order. Maintenance cost: 1000 rub. per session.

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