Фотография квеста «Hour nights»
WITH ACTORS Up to 8 players 75 minutes

Hour nights ru

Этот квест в данный момент недоступен


the level of fear
Age limitations: from 14 years old

While having fun on the west coast of the United States, you and your friends find yourself in a tavern, which, in addition to drinking, can invite you to personally look at the instruments of torture that helped their crazy masters drive their unfortunate victims to real despair. The Chessepik brothers, to whom the tavern was dedicated, operated in the past, during the civil war. This event did them a real service in their bloody craft and later the list of victims of the two brothers was so great that it was almost impossible to count them. You decided to have a little drink. After that, in the morning you again find yourself in this unusual tavern, and all the events that happened yesterday are mirror-image repeated again. Soon you will find out that you have found yourself in the very real purgatory, where the Chessepik brothers continue their wicked work to this day. Get stronger, for to get out of this terrible place you will have to face them…

Categories: Action For 1-2 players For a Large Party Minimal Complexity Scary With actors

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