Фотография квеста «ESCAPE»


Age limitations: 12+

Remember, we promised a mountain of surprises in our anniversary year? Catch another one: a book about escape rooms (and more)!
The special project “Escape” is a trilogy written by the project manager of Claustrophobia and released with our support. The first book in the series is out now and you can pre-order it right now. Do it on our website - and we will send you a book with the author's personal autograph and a wish for you personally!


Mind games or mind games?

The first book in the "Escape" series, which reveals all the secrets of escape rooms - rooms where we specially come to get into an alternative world.

The protagonist Bozey is an ordinary young man working in the field of escape rooms. This supports his tendency to escapism, and the ability to abstract from reality makes Bowsie's life extraordinary. But even such a life can be turned upside down by the frightening secrets of the past... Especially if a gloomy old mansion with creaky stairs is considered a great place for an evening stroll.

Sit back and read carefully, because only your consciousness is able to materialize what always remains in the shadows.

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