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Age limitations: 16+ years old without adults

Welcome back to the Half-Life universe in virtual reality!

After being defeated in the Seven Hour War, the Earth fell into the occupation of the Alliance & mdash; cruel alien race. The remnants of the survivors are herded into the reservation cities, which are under the total control of the invaders. Among them were the most inventive minds of mankind & mdash; you and your father Eli Vance.

Once in City 17, you do not stop clandestine scientific activities. Your research and development & mdash; the only thing that will help to calculate the vulnerability of the enemy and become a weapon in the hands of those who are not ready to live under the rule of the Alliance. It looks like you & mdash; the last hope of humanity ...


Game Features

  • VR is a first-person shooter with an interactive game world.
  • A full-size plot for 5 —9 hours of passage.
  • The player's progress is saved until the next visit.
  • Please note: Some VR games may not be available due to license restrictions due to the sanctions imposed. Current availability can be clarified by phone or at the location on the day of the visit.

Categories: For 1-2 players Minimal Complexity Приключенческие

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