Фотография квеста «Royal robbery»
WITH ACTORS for kids

Royal robbery ru

Attention! This performance involves game mechanics and the location of the "Election Race" quest. The game follows a new scenario with the participation of actors.

очень простой
Age limitations: from 6 years old
Quest with actors

Attention, a team of special agents!

A few minutes remain until the start of your mission. Today you have to get into the carefully guarded mansion of the "black collector". The informant said that this is where the real crown of Her Majesty the Queen of Denmark is located! For many years there was no news about the fate of the precious relic stolen back in the last century, but now it seems to have been found.

All you have to do is hack the security system, get into the Black Collector's vault and return Denmark to its crown. It won't be difficult for such experienced agents as you. Moreover, your contact in the bureau, Agent Sour, is always on the line — just contact him if you need help.

We are waiting for the results!

Categories: Detectives For 1-2 players For Kids Fun Minimal Complexity Photoshoot in game With actors

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