Фотография квеста «The scene is a theater»
WITH ACTORS for kids

The scene is a theater ru

Age limitations: +6 years old with parents, 12+ without them
Escape rooms with actors

He calls himself Creed — an elusive thief who easily moves through time and space in the hunt for rare jewelry, antiques and world masterpieces. On his account, dozens of virtuoso robberies, alas, still remain unsolved ... What drives the mysterious thief? Is he acting in personal interests or is he commissioned by clandestine collectors? What will be the next step of the Creed? You will have to find the answers to these questions yourself. And please hurry up! Our assistants from the Time Control Center have detected suspicious activity at the Grand Guignol Theater in Paris. Perhaps this is our chance to stop the culprit and reveal his identity!

Here’s what other players like about this cast quest:

  • Clean and safe location, stylized as the Parisian theater of 1957;
  • 3 professional actors in the game at the same time;
  • No screamers or scary effects — suitable for the whole family.

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