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Age limitations: 18+
Quest with actors

We all read fairy tales in childhood. About the girl who lost her shoe at the ball. About the evil wolf who ate the grandmother. About the seven good dwarfs who saved the girl ... But what if, in fact, everything was completely different? For example, the murder of the old woman was conceived by Little Red Riding Hood herself, and Cinderella suffered from a split personality?

2035 year

According to the new laws of the magical world, all fairy-tale characters (from gnomes to giants) found their own home in the underground city of Fable Town. Times have changed. Gray Wolf ceased to be Big and Terrible, having received the position of Sheriff. Beauty and the Beast opened their shop. Bluebeard (not without the help of influential people) took over as mayor of Fable Town, and Snow White became his personal assistant, finally moving away from the dwarfs. It seems that life is getting better in new realities!

2040 year

Serial killings have increased in Fable Town. Just a week ago, unknown persons took the lives of seven dwarfs. The investigation has no evidence, but this did not prevent the unfortunate Snow White from being hidden behind bars until the circumstances were clarified.

You are uptown detectives tasked with investigating mysterious incidents in Fable Town. The sheriff will meet you in a couple of minutes to give you details and bring you up to date. But who said that you do not have your own hidden goals in this town? ..

This scenario is developed based on the cult computer game “The Wolf among us”. The quest takes place in the format of an immersive theater with elements of a role-playing game. Players are not deliberately intimidated — the dark moments are revealed by the storyline itself, without the use of frightening effects.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive individual cards with tasks, on the completion of which the course of the game depends. Lie, watch your teammates, cheat and hide — absolutely anything is possible in Fable Town!

Categories: Detectives For 1-2 players For a Large Party For teenagers Minimal Complexity New Not Scary Outlaw With actors

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