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Age limitations: 16+
Escape room with actors

Alas, today children have ceased to believe in fairy tales. The magical world of Fable began to slowly fade and, in order not to disappear into oblivion, the characters of his stories moved into our reality. Some settled among ordinary people in the Bronx, the rest built a small village of Fable Town — with their own orders, mayor and sheriff. Life in the new world was relatively calm. Isolation, the law of secrecy, the speculation of charms to gain human form, petty conflicts with people, the trade in forbidden goods ... The usual thing for a ghetto, albeit a fabulous one. But everything changed when a series of murders swept through the community.

The first victim was Elena the Wise. Behind her is Beauty and the Beast. And last week, all seven dwarfs were found dead, accusing Snow White of the crime! The local sheriff Bigbo is sure of her innocence, but it has not yet been proven. Maybe you can unravel this mysterious case?

About the quest

This scenario is based on the cult computer game “The Wolf among us”. The quest takes place in the format of an immersive theater with elements of a role-playing game. No screamers and scarecrows — all the gloomy moments are revealed by the storyline itself.

How to play

Before the start, you will receive personal cards with tasks, on the completion of which the course of events and the ending depend. Lie, bluff, hide and spy on other players — everything is possible in Fable Town!

Important information

For a visit, we recommend choosing simple, non-staining clothes and flat shoes. Participants under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to play.

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