Фотография квеста «Nerf Battle: Blaster Shooting»

Nerf Battle: Blaster Shooting ru

Age limitations: 6+

Welcome to the underground arena for action packed blaster Nerf! An exciting battle royale awaits you in a 120 m² play space with targets, cover, smart lighting and music. Conduct a storyline battle according to a ready-made scenario or arrange a free firefight? It’s up to you — just select the mode before starting.

Adults and children from 6 years old can participate in the shootout with Nerf blasters. It’s fun and totally safe:

Blasters shoot soft foam bullets that leave no marks and are almost unnoticeable when hit;

Before entering the site, all participants receive a full set of protection and undergo an introductory briefing with training in shooting from blasters;

During the game, a professional instructor is always next to the teams — he will make sure that everything is in order while you are just relaxing.

Attention! Don’t forget to bring comfortable changeable clothes and flat shoes. For comfortable play in a helmet, it is better to leave glasses in the locker or change to contact lenses.

There are contraindications:

recent injuries


heart diseases,

limited activity,

panic attacks,

mental disorders.

Visiting under the influence of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited.

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Dmitrovskoe shosse, building 29, 1
Free city parking

Entrance on the side of the highway into the arch under the signboard “Claustrophobia Adventure Centre”.


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