Фотография квеста «Once upon a time in Hollywood»
WITH ACTORS role play

Once upon a time in Hollywood ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 18+ years old

The world is looking forward to the release of the new blockbuster by Serjio, a famous director. Yet, something went wrong, and the important scenes vanished without a trace after the party to celebrate the filming completion. The contract with the stars invited has been executed successfully and fully, so Serjio calls for beginners with no experience and quickly explains the script in order to film the remaining parts of the movie on time.

The casting has been successful and the shooting is about to commence. The film is changing genres are at a mind-blowing speed and turns mystical, horror, comedy-like and even slightly erotic. The things happening at the set are so realistic that you forget you are just taking part in filming a movie.

Come on, relax and try playing along with the rest of the cast. Camera, action!

You may be asked to present a proof of age to play in the uncensored 18+ mode. Don’t forget to bring your passport or driver’s license with you.


Escape room Features

  • Strictly 18+ FOR ALL participants. Upon arrival at the location, you will need documents confirming your age — passport or driver's license.
  • This scenario is designed specifically for players who have already completed the quest with  actors  Project69” previously. For the best immersion in the game, we recommend starting with original version →

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