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Online. Cold war ru

Age limitations: 12+ years old without adults

You are a group of influential politicians who represent one of the countries of the world. Together with other teams, you participate in the race for world domination: manage the budget, invest in the development of cities, unite in international alliances or attack opponents. Uphold peaceful principles to the last or arrange a nuclear apocalypse? The decision is yours. But remember: you can’t trust anyone, because only one of the countries will get the status of a superpower!


Game Features

  • This role-playing game combines the mechanics of the classic "Mafia" and step-by-step political strategy. A hit for those who love to build complex multi-moves or just come for fun!
  • You will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a microphone and camera to participate.
  • The game is played for teams of 10 or more.
  • To book an online game, be sure to log in using your email address or add it to your personal account in the "Settings" section. The link to the game room in Zoom will be sent to your email address immediately after the booking is confirmed by the operator.

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