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Age limitations: 10+
Online multimedia quest

We all know the tale of Alice from childhood. But what if it’s Not That Alice? What if, in fact, everything happened very differently? New images of already familiar heroes will send you on a crazy adventure full of amazing mysteries and discoveries. Be on the lookout, because by interfering in the course of this tale, you will have to answer the main question — to execute or pardon. Ready? Then follow the White Rabbit!

This quest takes place online. Together with the host, the players consistently explore the game space, solve puzzles and look for clues right on their screen. To participate, you will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a microphone and a camera.

To book an online game, be sure to log in through your email address or add it to your personal account in the “Settings” section. The link to the playroom in Zoom will be sent to the email address you specified immediately after the booking is confirmed by the operator.

Please note: Moscow time is indicated in the schedule for sessions.

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