Фотография квеста «Online. The witch and the keepers of the crystals»
multimedia quest for kids

Online. The witch and the keepers of the crystals ru

Age limitations: from 6 to 14 years old
Multimedia quest in online format

Cold stone statues that stand all over your kingdom. Instead of the noise of the crowds, there is a chilling silence. And only the creepy laugh of the wicked witch breaks the silence.

Save the kingdom by defeating the witch, because you are the children of famous wizards! You will have to fight alone.

You will have to make every effort to get magic crystals and disenchant people.

But be careful! The wicked witch already knows that you want to save the kingdom and will try to prevent it.

You are waiting for puzzles, exciting excursions around the kingdom and a bright ending in which you will surely defeat a witch and disenchant people! After all, you are not just children, but young wizards!

This online quest is specially designed for children from 6 to 14 years old and is not suitable for adult players. In a quest with children, there is always an actor in the image.
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Please note: the schedule for the sessions is Moscow time.

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