Фотография квеста «Wrong turn»
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Wrong turn ru

очень сложный
Age limitations: 14+ years old with adults, 16+ without them

One wrong turn, and a walk through the picturesque forest suddenly turns into a waking nightmare! Hunger, thirst, panic… Do you think this is the worst thing that can happen to lost travelers? Ha ha! Let’s see what you have to say later. If, of course, you are lucky to come back…

After a recent foray into the forest on Bear Mountain, your friends from the group of amateur tourists stopped communicating. The only chance to catch the trail of the missing is to go to the site and retrace their route. Accidental witnesses claim that the group was last seen heading towards an abandoned hut in the thicket of the forest. If so, you are almost there!
There are only a few steps left to the rickety hut. But why suddenly the heart is pounding like mad, and the silence around seems to be filled with the breath of invisible pursuers? . Stop! What’s this? W-human bones?!

Attention! For a comfortable game, you will need a light T-shirt and flat shoes. It is best to leave your glasses in the locker with your personal belongings or replace them with contact lenses.
Contraindications: pregnancy, limited activity, panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy and other mental disorders.


Escape room Features

  • Attention! For a comfortable game, you will need a light T-shirt and shoes without heels. It is better to leave the glasses in the locker along with personal belongings or replace them with contact lenses.
  • We recommend to play with a team of 2—3 participants. If you would like to play with 4 players, please add an extra player with a surcharge on the booking form.
  • The escape room is not recommended for people suffering from heart disease, panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, mental disorders, people with disabilities, as well as pregnant women



  • Need a place to party or relax after a game? Add a lounge area rental at this location in the booking form and pay for the service on the spot! Everything is already included: a design space with a cloud projection ceiling for a company of up to 8 people, high-quality music equipment, a large screen for games and movies, Xbox, access to Netflix and Youtube Premium subscriptions, a cooler and a coffee machine for hot drinks.

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