Фотография квеста «Hide and seek in Alcatraz»
WITH ACTORS Up to 30 players

Hide and seek in Alcatraz


the level of fear
Age limitations: от 16 лет

Alcatraz is the most ominous US prison with a notoriety. Especially dangerous criminals served time here, and the military used them as consumables in their experiments. They say that the consequences of one of these inhuman experiments led to the hasty liquidation of the prison in the early 70s.

Today Alcatraz is considered an abandoned and uninhabited area. But is it really so? Once on the spot, you understand — there is clearly someone here ... And it seems that these creatures want ... to kill you!

Hide and Seek in Alcatraz is a dynamic action quest with adrenaline-filled pursuits and stealth mode. You will find yourself in an area of 1200 m², full of traps, secret passages and creepy hungry creatures. The game takes place in complete darkness — you only have the flashlights that you get before you start. Use them with care and try to move silently — Alcatraz’s monsters instantly react to light and sounds!

Categories: For a Large Party Minimal Complexity Scary With actors

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