Фотография квеста «Travelers from the future»
WITH ACTORS for kids

Travelers from the future ru

Этот квест в данный момент недоступен

Age limitations: 10+ years old with parents, 12+ without them
escape room with actors

How many times have you dreamed at least for an hour to look into the past or the future? Now you have a chance to see that time travel is possible not only in movies and books. Will you risk it? Then hold on tight. Very soon, the chronoportation system will take you to the 16th century — right to the palace of Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich the Terrible!

Bad news: you accidentally dropped your portable timeport while moving and risk being stuck in the past forever. The royal guards don’t like intruders, so you need to hurry up! Quickly search the palace and find a way to get back to the future before you are sent to the dungeon. Maybe one of the locals will agree to become your assistant in this adventure?..

Here’s what awaits your company on this adventure:

Interactive performance with 3 actors

in the palace you will meet a variety of characters: Yashka Sagittarius, the Blind executioner and even the Tsar himself

Multilevel location with WOW effect

you can explore every corner of the royal palace, and a steep transition in the form of a slide will rush you straight to the dungeon

New experiences for the whole family

live communication with the heroes of the quest, team tests and fun tasks that both adults and children can definitely cope with

The real atmosphere of the royal era in every room

with historical entourage, scenery and props — you will feel like you are in reality visiting the past!

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