Фотография квеста «A Journey into the Dark World»
WITH ACTORS for kids

A Journey into the Dark World ru

Age limitations: от 12 лет

A forest. A lonesome inconspicuous house. One can wonder who and why would decide to settle down like this in the middle of nowhere. You summon your courage up, quietly set the door ajar and see him...

Alas, the old loner has been waiting for someone to help him for too long, so his force is now running low. A powerful demon will break into the human world in just an hour! Are you brave enough to cross the line between the two realities and find the artifact to contain the mighty demon? Explore paranormal phenomena, use magic objects and try to avoid getting trapped by the dark forces!

This escape game with actors is intended for children aged 8 and over. In order not to scare them, the plot and the actors’ behavior are adjusted for the participants right during the game. Adults can play along or track the kids’ progress on a monitor.

After the game, the team can watch their gameplay recorded, save the recordings of the moments they like or order a mini clip for an extra fee.

Attention! There are narrow creepholes and passages on location. Please notify players suffering from claustrophobia accordingly.

No adult player in the team? Contact the location before booking to use the attendant services! Our employee will play with the kids and make sure everything is fine. The service is free and available for children’s’ teams aged 8 and over.

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