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Age limitations: от 5 до 12 лет в сопровождении взрослого
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Alice was sitting on the bank and was not busy with absolutely nothing important, when suddenly… Nearby — literally a couple of steps — a real White Rabbit ran!

And there was nothing remarkable about this, if not for a watch on a chain hanging from the pocket of Rabbit. Burning with curiosity, Alice rushed after him without hesitation. Another moment, and she is already flying down, straight into the rabbit hole, without even having time to think about what forces will help her get back.

— Babakh! …

What remains of a fairy tale after it has been told? For the answer you will have to go to the real Wonderland! Like Alice, little adventurers will find themselves in a magical world, where they will come to the aid of its inhabitants and try to become a little older.

And a little surprise in the form of a big Goose! After the children's quest, your children will definitely enjoy hugging with a giant Goose toy-I'll hug! Yes, it's not a White Rabbit, but it's also nice to squeeze!

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