Фотография квеста «Театр кукол Золтана»
WITH ACTORS immersive

Театр кукол Золтана ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 14+ years old with adults, 16+ without them
End of the 19th century. Talented psychiatrist Dr. Zoltan begins testing an experimental technique on his patients. The mind of the mentally ill can be cured through the reincarnation of personality, says the doctor. He places patients in an immersive theatre, pushing them to be reborn with puppets and costumes. Unfortunately, we don’t yet know if the new technique has been successful — a few days before Zoltan presented his results, his theater burned down. What happened to the doctor, were his patients able to recover, what caused the fire? You will be able to answer these questions by plunging into the amazing atmosphere of the Zoltan’s Puppet Theater escape room.

Categories: For a Large Party Minimal Complexity Scary With actors

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2nd Setunsky proezd, 3

Метро «Киевская», выход №3, автобус №791 до остановки «2-й Сетуньский проезд — Крепость Сетунь». Отдельно стоящий 3-этажный дом на территории безумно атмосферного парка каскадеров «Мастер Панин».


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