Фотография квеста «The Experiment»
WITH ACTORS Up to 10 players

The Experiment ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 18+
Escape room with actors

Everyday life is becoming more familiar and insipid... The same events are repeated over and over again, and we are increasingly lacking adrenaline, thrills that will once again enhance the taste of what is happening.

That’s what you thought, before you had time to turn to the mysterious specialist in “bright emotions and the most exciting events.” This man has promised that he will help you survive chilling adventures that you will not soon forget. And it seems that he did not deceive the suffering minds of his guests — in front of you is an abandoned laboratory that hides not just horror, but a threat to the whole of humanity.

Will you be able to carry with you the secret of the tragedy of the family, which, by mistake (or is it a deliberate plan?) Could be the beginning of the end for all living beings? Will you understand at what point a wrong decision was made that broke human destiny? And what does family values ​​have to do with it?...

Based on real events.

The new performance “The Experiment” is the quintessence of proven horror genres, qualitatively implemented using the latest technologies.

For your convenience, we strongly recommend that you wear non-staining and loose clothing. Passing the quest in shoes with heels is strictly prohibited — this can cause injury. According to the plot, the temperature is kept low in the laboratory, so do not forget to bring something warm with you (any outerwear: jacket, sweatshirt, etc.)

In this project you are waiting for:

— As many as six characters, the roles of which are played by professional actors with many years of experience;

— Large area: 18 plot locations are located on 600 sq.m. play space;

— Powerful special effects: artificially recreated temperature conditions of a real laboratory, author’s music (reproduced in more than 5 kW of sound), professional theatrical lighting.

— Competently composed plot: two parallel storylines and a variable ending;

— Optional level of contact: the mystic will “touch” you as tightly as you want.

Categories: For 1-2 players For a Large Party Minimal Complexity Scary With actors

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st. Ugreshskaya, 35, building 1
Free parking on the territory of the industrial zone

Convenient location 2 minutes walk from MCC Ugreshskaya and 500 meters from Third Ring Road


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