Фотография квеста «Creature: Sewer»
WITH ACTORS Up to 8 players

Creature: Sewer ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 12+ years old with parents, 16+ without them
Escape room with actors
The unsolved mysteries of the past always torment the mind... One has only to get the opportunity to touch what has been hiding under hundreds of prohibitions for decades — and we can no longer stop.

You will travel to a closed collector, the construction of which was launched back in the 40s of the last century.
But, be careful! It is said that a special team sent to the sewers to investigate never returned from their raid. There were rumors among local residents: they say that only bones were found at the site. The rumor was not confirmed by anything, but immediately after this incident, the collector was sealed and access was closed.
Will you be able to overcome your fear and uncover the mystery of a God-forgotten place? Are you ready to go on a chilling tour and refute the rumors?

Check it out yourself.
  • To complete the quest, we recommend dressing in simple, comfortable clothes and shoes for active activities. It is strictly forbidden to pass the quest in skirts and heels;
  • The weight of the participant must be no more than 150 kg, and the size of shoes — no more than 46 sizes;
  • Not recommended for pregnant women, young children and people with mental disorders (panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, etc.).
  • Categories: Scary With actors

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