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the level of fear
Age limitations: 12+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
escape room with actors

Meanwhile it was already night and a very dark one. The sky was clouded and the atmosphere was gloomy....no moon, not a star. Suddenly the seminary students realised that they had lost the way and were off the main road. Spend the night in the field? No way, not on a night like this!

They continued forward and to their great joy heard a dog barking somewhere not far ahead...a few more steps — and they saw lights.

— A farm! I can swear it’s a farm! — cried the philosopher. What a relief, it seemed they had found a shelter!

Having knocked at the door, they held the breath waiting for an answer. The old floors squiked in the house and a few moments later SHE opened the door — an old woman in a fircoat.

All of a sudden the reality shifted. The students got enshrouded in a stifling silence, the cold hand of fear grasped their throats. You want to scream but no sound comes out of your moving lips. SHE is close. You can hear her breathing. SHE watches you, SHE follows you...God help you!...Just don’t look her in the eyes, just don’t look....

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