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Visa for R.A.Y. ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 12+ years old without adults

«Big Moscow» is a huge underground bunker that unites all lines of the Moscow metro. An island of safety in a ruthless world disfigured by nuclear strikes. The network of filtration camps selects the most valuable people from the surface and takes them into the bowels of the bunker for the revival of life and civilization on the planet.

You are one of the lucky few who have been approved for visas to the Greater Moscow. But will it be possible to meet the expectations of high-ranking officials? Will you be able to prove your worth and pass quality control? What if you have to choose between you and your friends?


Escape room Features

  • For the first time — a completely new format of a discussion role-playing game with performance elements. You don't have to run away from maniacs and ghosts! Before the start of the game, each participant will receive a new personality with unique characteristics. It is by these characteristics that other players will evaluate the character, deciding how useful he/nbsp;will be in post-apocalyptic civilization. Without weapons. Without violence. Only a lively dialogue, pure psychology and justification of its importance for society.

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