Фотография квеста «Risk Quest»
WITH ACTORS 80 minutes Up to 16 players

Risk Quest ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 12+ years old with adults, 14+ without them

A cognitive psychology and psychotherapy test system led by a young genius developed a new product to improve brain function. The substance appeared to have side effects, though: aggression that drove people mad...

Naturally, the committee has not a clue about the eerie consequences and demands that tests on humans be launched immediately. A week remaining before the official presentation, the young researcher decides to test the product on his assistant, having changed a few components of the ultimate formula... It seems the change has become the reason for the terrible tragedy. Anyway, it is too late to put the blame on anyone... Too late.

The Taste of Risk is one of the largest ever action horror performances in Moscow. Get ready for a true challenge! You will have to run, jump, fall, pull, and most importantly, face all of your phobias. We bet you have never been on such a dynamic quest!

We have added impressive passages to connect the immense spaces between the locations; we have developed a unique three-level facility for a linear experience.

  • More than 26 rooms covering 600 square meters.
  • Blood-chilling music.
  • Ultra-realistic settings and several professional actors... Everything you need to plunge into this incredible quest!

Categories: Action Fantasy For a Large Party Minimal Complexity Scary With actors

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Vodny Stadion
Solnechnogorskaya st., 4, p.13
Paid parking on the territory of the plant "MOSSELMASH". Don't forget to keep your receipt with the barcode when you leave!

From the Vodny Stadion subway station: the first car from the centre, then take bus 65 or 70 (8 bus stops – till Solnechnogorodskaya Street). From metro station Koptevo: the last car from the centre, then take bus 90 or 621 (4 bus stops – till Solnechnogorodskaya Street).


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