A Mechanical Quest Box

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Challenge your intellect! The mechanical quest-cube is a unique 2 in 1 gift for those crazy about mysteries and surprises. One – a full mechanical game with five linear puzzles for repeated completion. Two – exclusive packaging for your gift in the form of a wooden box. It is ideal to hide your wedding ring, a flash drive with bitcoins, concert tickets or any other surprise!

Information about the product

The quest cube is made from natural plywood. The box size is 10x10x10 cm; it is hollow for your stash. To open the cube, a player will have to do their best and deal with five mechanical puzzles. The puzzles should be solved sequentially; the average time to complete the quest is 60 minutes. You can “reset” the quest-cube as many times as you wish. Just place the puzzle elements into their original positions after the game to play again or to give your cube as a gift to someone else.
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