Hydrop Respirator 800 mask

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Protects not & nbsp; only from & nbsp; phobias, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; viruses! HYDROP Respirator 800 & Claustrophobia & nbsp; & mdash; is a branded series of valveless filter half masks for everyday use. For & nbsp; due to additional processing with silver nanoparticles, the mask prevents infection with influenza viruses and & nbsp; coronavirus by & nbsp; 98 & ndash; 99%. One half mask is enough for & nbsp; 20 & nbsp; continuous wear shifts lasting 6 & ndash; 8 hours each.

Information about the product

HYDROP Respirator 800 Filtering Half Mask & Claustrophobia & nbsp; & mdash; it is a reliable barrier against dust, smoke, fog up to & nbsp; 50 MPC, viruses and & nbsp; bacteria & gt; 200 nm, including the group of coronaviruses. Suitable for the prevention of seasonal diseases and & nbsp; diseases transmitted by airborne . Place an order with & nbsp; delivery or pick it up at a & nbsp; pickup point at & nbsp; convenient time.

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