Wooden smartphone stand

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For all adventurers who never leave their favorite device!
Claustrophobia has prepared something interesting for you.
And new.
Аnd also elegant, eco-friendly and simple as everything genius. Yes, we’re talking about our wooden smartphone stand. We ourselves love it because it’s:
— Ideal for comfortable experience of watching videos;
— A must for long Zoom conferences;
— Allows easy charging of your smartphone and it’s also easy to transport due to its design features.
And finally it just looks awfully stylish!

Information about the product

Wooden foldable stand for smartphones with a hole for easy charging. Made of thick plywood with decorative wax finish, using eco-friendly technology. Place an order for delivery or collect from a pickup location at your convenience.
Вы можете задать вопросы по телефону +7 (499) 460-54-20 и по почте helpme@сlaustrophobia.com
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