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WITH ACTORS immersive

Draft ru

Проект от создателей и сценаристов следующих квестов с актерами: «Insane Paranoid», «The Time», «Последняя экскурсия»

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the level of fear
Age limitations: 14+
Escape room with actors

What if someone’s life depended on your actions and decisions?
A talented writer, being in a creative crisis, asks you for help in writing a new work in the horror genre. He will show you a sketch of this scary story in the hope of getting some advice on how to develop the further narrative. The further fate of the heroes of the work depends on your edits to the draft. And your fate, by the way, too…
Waiting for you:
— 4 actors, including theater and film actors.
— Immerse yourself in the captivating world of a horror novel, where heroes come to life right before your eyes.
— Make history the way you want. You will find a large number of possible choices in different situations, which sometimes have unexpected consequences.
— The fate of the characters, their past, present and future depends on your choices. And yours as well.
— Psychological pressure throughout the plot, developed in conjunction with psychologists.
— Ability to watch the game of your friends on cameras.
— Atmospheric and realistic scenery.
— Safe and clean rooms.
— The ability to go through the performance alone.
This performance has several modes of passage:

This performance has several modes of passage:

From 14 years old a light interactive version without contact with the actors;

From 16 years old — the classic version with the level of medium contact;

From 18 years old — the classic version with an individual contact to choose from for each player.
If you are more than 10 minutes late for the game, the organizer has the right to refuse to play the game without refunding the prepayment. Please be understanding.

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