Фотография квеста «Rides»


Attention! Previously, this VR-attraction worked in the Afimall City shopping and entertainment center. Please make sure that you have not completed it yet.
Age limitations: 6+

To fly up into the skies and then fall down into the abyss, with breakneck crazy speed taking your breath away? Your favorite rides are now available in VR!

Enjoy steep turns and impossible tracks in all parts of the world and time. Where do we start this extreme ride?

Go on a tour of a snow-covered fairytale city, take a look at the panoramas of Egypt during the treasure hunt era — explore the stunning VR world together with your friends. You won’t miss a single detail with a full 360 degree view!

One ticket is good for one VR flight in one of the available scenarios. Choose the number of tickets in the purchase form to use the VR attraction with your friends. You can use your ticket any day of the week within three months of purchase.

Categories: Family For 1-2 players For Kids For teenagers Minimal Complexity Photoshoot in game VR

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Prospekt Mira, 211, building 2
Free parking mall

3ий этаж, сектор С2

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