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Online. Hackers: Oregon ru

Age limitations: 12+ years old without adults
Oregon, 2084. The world has been swallowed up by soulless corporations that squeeze biofuels out of human bodies. Joining the Oko organization under the leadership of the mysterious hacker K is the only chance to fight back against the FTC Corporation. And at the same time… earn credits!

Everyone who has ever held a keyboard in their hands dreams of becoming a part of this secret opposition group. But it is you who receive the cherished message from the sender with the nickname К! Will you be determined to take the challenge and become the best hacker team in Oregon?


Escape room Features

  • This multimedia team escape room takes place in the online format. You have to join a hacker competition, and solve puzzles, you make decisions that directly affect the development of the plot.
  • To participate, you will need headphones, a microphone and a computer or laptop with uninterrupted Internet access. A link to the game room in Zoom will be sent to your email immediately after booking confirmation by the operator.
  • Will there be more than 30 of you? Leave a request and we will conduct a special version of this game with an extended scenario.
  • Please note: the beginning of sessions in the schedule is indicated by Moscow time.

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