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the level of fear
Age limitations: 14+
Have you heard anything about split personality? However, it doesn’t matter. Very soon you yourself will meet a person who, alas, is too familiar with this state ... Several dozen different personalities live in his head at the same time, each of whom is eager to meet you. Are you ready to hear their stories to unravel the mystery of the mysterious deaths at the Foresters’ home? Be careful, any of you could be next on the other side of the lens ... Here’s what other players like about this cast quest: A plot based on the movie «Split» in collaboration with film scriptwriters and psychologists 8 playable characters performed by 3 professional theater and film actors Author’s sound design, written specifically for the script of this performance Clean and safe play areas with realistic decorations There are 2 modes of passage for players of different ages: from 16 years old — the classic scary version; from 14 years old — a lightweight scenario with additional lighting and no individual tasks. During the game, the attendants can watch the team from cameras.

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