Фотография квеста «KlausKids on Voykovskaya»
for kids

KlausKids on Voykovskaya ru

очень простой
Age limitations: 0+ years old with adults, 4+ without them

Family recreation and entertainment park “KlausKids” invites children and their parents to visit!

In our world of vivid emotions, there is leisure for everyone: the location houses not only gaming zones, but also a cafe with an extensive menu of European cuisine.

Recommended age to visit: 0 to 10 years old.

In the children’s area of ​​the park you will find:

— Two types of carousels for our little guests;

— Three fun slides;

— A pool filled with colored balls, with a flying saucer hovering above them;

— Play kitchen for little cooks;

— Kinetic sandbox;

— Zone with soft game cubes;

— A labyrinth with air cannons.

Our cafe has two zones for celebrations: up to 12 and up to 20 people of your choice. Also, at your disposal is a common area with a capacity of up to 80 people, in which parents can watch their children without interrupting their own relaxation.

A viewing window to the kitchen is an additional feature of our establishment!

It is simply impossible not to notice the bright and large-scale KlausKids park! Come and see for yourself.

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