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Lasertag (Schelkovskiy) ru

очень простой
Age limitations: 6+ years old without adults

Laser tag for children and adults is a modern and exciting alternative to computer games.

Overcoming difficult obstacles and reaching the goal, adults and children can train reaction speed, endurance, dexterity and accuracy, and also learn to work as a team — such a vacation is not only fun, but also  useful.

There are 5 difficulty levels and different scenarios! You can be both a part of the team and an invincible leader!

Come and spend time with the whole family, relax after a hard working week, recharge with positive emotions, and at the same time distract children from computer toys.

Categories: Action Family For Kids Fun Minimal Complexity New

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Schelkovskoe shosse, 75
Paid parking mall

ТРЦ Щелковский, 5 этаж

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