Фотография квеста «Kung Fu Masters»
for kids WITH ACTORS

Kung Fu Masters ru

Age limitations: 6+ years old with parents, 8+ without them

The great master Oogway had a vision in which the ruthless villain Kai was able to escape from the world of spirits into the world of the living. Once free, Kai is about to destroy the Jade Palace. If this happens, all kung fu masters will lose their Chi energy forever!

Unfortunately, Poe the panda and the Furious Five are on a mission far from the Valley of Peace. This means that only your team can prevent a disaster! You have to comprehend the secrets of ancient traditions, find and charge crystals of power.

There is only one hour per task. Don’t let evil prevail and kung fu masters will reward you with a well-deserved reward

Categories: Cartoon Family For 1-2 players For Kids For teenagers Minimal Complexity Not Scary The Other Side of the Screen With actors

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