Фотография квеста «Nancy Drew: Case solved!»
WITH ACTORS for kids

Nancy Drew: Case solved! ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 7 to 12 years old without adults

Of course, you have already heard about the girl detective Nancy Drew! She has more than 50 solved cases, many times she got out of the most hopeless situations. And here's the luck - it was you Nancy called to help in her new investigation!

The day before, Miss Drew received a phone call from the renowned Dr. Stefan Streich. He was very frightened and assured that a ghost lives in his new house, inherited from his father! Someone turns on the lights at night, moves furniture, slams doors... Perhaps someone is deliberately trying to scare the doctor and steal his inheritance? Or does the ghost really exist and you will meet him? It seems that this house keeps many secrets and skeletons in the closets.
Only you and Nancy Drew can solve this mysterious and complicated case!

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