Фотография квеста «Online. Bunker 2048»
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the level of fear
Age limitations: 14 years old without adults

The year is 2048. There is a secret laboratory underground where research on biologically hazardous substances and drugs is carried out. Alas, the last experiment of scientists failed — now everyone who was in the laboratory has turned… into the living dead! You are a special forces unit codenamed «Vega». The government sent you to the scene to stop the maddened zombies from getting out. Infiltrate the laboratory and try to find an antidote that will save your planet from disaster!


Escape room Features

  • This multimedia escape room takes place in theonline format. Together with the host, players sequentially explore the playing space, solve puzzles and look for clues right on their screen. To participate, you will need a laptop, tablet or smartphone with a microphone and camera.
  • To book an online game, be sure to log in using your email address or add it to your personal account in the "Settings" section. The link to the game room in Zoom will be sent to your email address immediately after the booking is confirmed by the operator.
  • Please note: the schedule shows Moscow time.

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