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Внимание! Раньше этот квест работал под другим брендом. Убедитесь, пожалуйста, что вы его еще не проходили.

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Age limitations: 8+ years old with parents, 14+ without them
Escape rooms without actors
There was a feeling from the very start that the mission to the neighbouring planet would never turn out to be anything good. But the hunch is never a good reason for bosses at the research facility. An accident, system crash, and your crew are out on an unknown planet, infected with a deadly virus. Not a single soul around. But there are clear indications that someone has been here before... Hmm, this abandoned spaceship for one?

No adult player on the team? Contact the location before booking to use the services of an escort! Our employee will pass the quest with the children and make sure that everything is in order. Maintenance cost: 1000 rub. per session.

Categories: Family Fantasy For 1-2 players Photoshoot in game

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