Фотография квеста «Servants of vice»

Servants of vice ru


the level of fear
Age limitations: 18+
Escape room with actors

Lost in the woods in the pouring rain, you and your friends accidentally stumbled upon an old mansion in the middle of the thicket. Inside, the house looks like a classic family estate from movies or novels. The courteous butler escorts you into the living room, while the maid invites you to wait out the bad weather over a cup of hot tea and talking about art. It would seem that what could go wrong? .. However, you could not imagine how closely you will have to get to know the inhabitants of the old mansion and their secrets ...

This quest with actors has 2 scenarios to choose from: classic for 60 minutes, extended for 120 minutes of play. Be prepared that in the extended version of the quest you will have to make an important choice, on which the fate of the inhabitants of the estate and your own life will depend. Only time will tell if the decision you made is right ...

Here’s what other players like about this cast quest:

  • 6 alternate endings = 6 completely different stories in one extended scenario
  • Professional theater and film actors
  • A package of photos from the passage of the quest as a gift after the game
  • Individual contact level for each player in the team to choose from

Categories: Detectives For 1-2 players For a Large Party For adults Minimal Complexity Mysteries of the Past Scary With actors

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