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Star kids ru

Age limitations: от 6 лет до 12 лет

Camera flashes, spotlights shine, a jubilant crowd of fans — this is what millions of children and adolescents around the world dream of. But how do you succeed and get your own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when the competition is growing every day? The famous director and producer Seven Sims definitely has the answer to this question. And you had a unique chance to personally communicate with the show business guru to find out all the secrets behind the scenes of stellar life!

This is not an ordinary quest or performance. The visit program includes:
— express course of professional photo and video shooting;
— 20 original content zones with themed decorations and props;
— exciting master classes.

Ready to take your first step towards becoming a global star?

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ТРЦ Авиапарк, Ходынский бульвар, д. 4

Станция метро ЦСКА. ТРЦ "Авиапарк", 4 этаж, Фиолетовая зона


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