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for kids WITH ACTORS

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the level of fear
Age limitations: from 8 to 12 years old
Escape rooms with actors
— Shhh! Do you hear those ominous sounds? A long-ago abandoned pioneer camp suddenly came to life! Residents of the surrounding villages now bypass this place and are sure that evil spirits have settled here.

We have called you, the fighters against evil spirits, to help deal with the evil spirit of the Zarya camp. We will give you pioneer paraphernalia — perhaps this will help you disguise yourself. Keep in mind that another group has already gone to the camp earlier. Try to find them — perhaps together it will be easier for you to cope with evil spirits.

Good luck!

Quest Features

  • This escape room with actors is designed for children from 8 years. So that the guys don't get scared, the plot and the behavior of the actors adapt to the participants right during the game.
  • This escape room with actors is recommended for children who have already been to escape rooms before. Make sure your child doesn't frighten play with unfamiliar characters in a mystical scenario.
  • In the escape room with children there is always an actor in the guise of a good hero, so accompanying adults is not required.

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