Фотография квеста «Closed Show»
WITH ACTORS immersive

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the level of fear
Age limitations: 16+
Escape room with actors

You are a team of aspiring critics who are seriously interested in the work of the eccentric director Luka Todorovic. Many experts in your field have already dubbed him a genius, but those who consider the creator insane are no less. Already three paintings by Luka in the arthouse genre have seen the light: stories of real madness catch the audience with their ambiguity and keep them in suspense throughout the entire viewing. The topics covered in the films resonate with everyone, and cause more and more interest and rumors. In order to find out the truth about Todorovich's talent and answer the burning questions of the audience, you are going to a personal meeting with him.
Who knows, maybe it will be you who will be able to split the outrageous filmmaker? What if the mysterious image of a director with a unique vision is just a trick, and behind a well-built legend, in fact, there is an ordinary loser?
“Closed Screening” is a project with a unique level of immersion. As part of the performance, you have to interact with six characters. The abundance of tactile, visual and even taste sensations will allow you to believe in the unconditional reality of what is happening. Remember that it is not the solution of riddles that will bring you closer to the denouement, but an understanding that can be achieved only by imbued with history.
- it is necessary to provide comfortable clothes that will not hinder your movements;
- heels and massive shoes are prohibited;
- passing the game in glasses is strictly not recommended (we recommend replacing them with contact lenses);
- any gadgets and valuables should remain in the storage lockers;
– not recommended for visiting people with heart disease and mental disorders of any spectrum;
- passing in a state of intoxication of any nature is strictly prohibited;
- Aggression and reverse physical contact are strictly prohibited;
- it is recommended to follow all the rules and instructions from the location staff.

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