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Age limitations: 6+ years old without adults

Mirror Maze
Welcome to the real Wonderland! In this amazing place you will be greeted by a stunningly beautiful maze of mirrors and colorful lights. Finding a way out will not be so easy: your own reflection will constantly lead you astray, trying to take you away from the cherished exit. But that makes it even more interesting. Try it!

Tape maze
A maze of bright colorful ribbons will take you to a magical jungle full of wonders and fantasies. Just watch how the ribbons immediately begin to sway from any movement, shimmering with all possible colors. It is difficult to call this test a labyrinth. After all, you will definitely want to stay here longer

Horror Labirint
Pugayut li tebya dlinnyye koridory s zaputannymi perekhodami? Naberis' khrabrosti — nikto ne znayet, kakiye ispytaniya budut zhdat' tebya za sleduyushchim povorotom v Labirinte strakha! Poprobuy proyti yego ot nachala i do kontsa, chtoby oderzhat' pobedu nad sobstvennymi strakhami!

Fear labyrinth
Do long corridors with intricate passages scare you? Take courage — no one knows what trials will await you around the next corner in the Labyrinth of Fear! Try to go through it from start to finish to defeat your own fears!

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