Фотография квеста «An Avalanche of Oblivion»

An Avalanche of Oblivion ru

Age limitations: 8+ years old with adults, 14+ without them

Your friends and you have been caught in a blizzard amidst snow-covered rocks. Obviously, the hike is off, the only thing you’re thinking about is not to lose each other in this chaos. The abandoned hut on the slope seems to be your only chance to wait out the storm. Hardly had the door been shut behind your backs, when the hut was buried under an avalanche. Trying to make your way out from under the thick snow is pointless — you have to find a way to contact the outside world.

Well, what do we have here? An old radio — if you manage to bring it back to life, there’s a chance for you to get in touch with a rescue team. There’s a catch, though: you only have enough fuel in the generator to last you an hour, but it seems that’s not your only problem. You all have a feeling from the very first moment that there’s something wrong with this house, and everything that’s going on around here just proves your guess...


Escape room Features

  • Attention! We do not recommend taking the escape room to people suffering from epilepsy.



  • Don't have an adult player in team? Contact the location before booking to use the services of an escort! Our employee will go through the escape room together with the children and make sure everything is in order. Escort cost: 1000 rub. per session. This service must be added when booking on website.

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