Фотография квеста «Death game»
Up to 10 players action Amusement park 70 minutes

Death game ru

Age limitations: 18+ years old

It all started the moment you decided to pick up that weird business card. There are only three simple shapes: a triangle, a circle and a square. Nobody warned you that this discreet card is your entrance ticket to a cruel game where the lust for profit is stronger than the fear of death...

Yes, it's the Death Game! You are waiting for 70 minutes of thematic tasks and full immersion in the atmosphere of the famous series in mode 18+. Players will receive a uniform with numbers, put on shock bracelets (pay attention to escape room restrictions), and meet silent guards in the same red uniform. In our version, all players will reach the finals, but only the strongest will receive the prize.

Yes the game of squid will begin!


Escape room Features

  • This escape room is not suitable for players with heart disease, pacemakers, panic attacks, claustrophobia, epilepsy, mental disorders, as well as pregnant women and people with disabilities.
  • If you don't know how many players will be on your team on game day, book a session for the minimum number of participants and pay the difference on the spot. Please note that payments for players who are absent from the game are non-refundable.



  • Children's version of this game can be viewed here

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