Фотография квеста «The Dark Kingdom»
WITH ACTORS for kids

The Dark Kingdom ru

очень простой
Age limitations: from 6 years old
Quest with actors

What could be better than a sudden trip to the neighborhood of an old English town? That's exactly what you thought, and being true lovers of secrets, you went on a long journey full of riddles and impressions! Suddenly, a mighty castle appeared on your way, the legends of which have been composed for many centuries...Locals say that they saw a silhouette wandering along a long corridor with a lamp in his hands.

Daredevils have been trying to get inside for many years, but heavy locks firmly keep secrets locked up. Will you be able to get inside?

Will the main secret hidden in the mighty walls for centuries be revealed to you?

This quest is designed specifically for children from 6 to 10 years old and is not suitable for adult players. In a quest with children, there is always an actor in the image, so accompanying adults is not required.

Categories: For Kids Minimal Complexity Photoshoot in game With actors

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Maroseyka-street, bld 13-3
City paid parking

Go down the Maroseyka-street from Kitay-Gorod metro station, turn left between two buildings before "Regio" cafe. Go through two arches, and you will reach the place.


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