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Age limitations: 6+

Virtual reality is not a field of science fiction for a long time, but a completely familiar reality. It is now easy to transfer to other worlds. Try new technologies on yourself!

Try all-all tests in virtual reality:

Candy country
Welcome to the land of desserts and sweets! An exciting walk awaits you among candy houses and cotton candy trees. But do not forget about the goal — saving local residents from the invasion of evil depends only on you.

Medieval castle
Explore a real medieval castle hiding many secrets and secret passages. Who knows what secrets will be revealed to you on this excursion? Feel the spirit of the Middle Ages in virtual reality!

Travel to the land of sands, pharaohs and majestic tombs? Easily! Get ready — in a few minutes we will go straight to the past to reveal all the secrets of Ancient Egypt!

Arizona sunshine
The zombie apocalypse has overtaken you in the middle of a desolate desert in Arizona! Will you have enough fortitude to pull yourself together and try to get out of this valley of death? Or maybe you will join the ranks of the living dead? Grab your friends, choose weapons from a huge arsenal and boldly go into battle!

Serious sam
The iconic video game returns in a new format! There is everything for which we fell in love with this series — a huge selection of weapons, hordes of enemies and Sam’s trademark jokes. Now in virtual reality.

Cosmo Lift
Remember Willy Wonka’s awesome elevator, which can go not only up and down, but also right and left, diagonally and even across distances? In this ride you will have a chance to ride in the same one. Distant worlds, solar systems and space and time itself will be within your reach on this exciting journey.

Fruit Ninja
The return of the famous game in virtual reality space. Now the tests will be much more difficult: fruits and bombs are flying literally everywhere! Only with skill and reaction can you become a real champion.

In the future, robots will do all the work for humans. But in order not to forget at all how their ancestors lived, people sometimes «play» at work. In this interactive simulator, you have to remember how to complete the simplest tasks. But it has never been so much fun!

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